i recently got a pcti muffler and tightened it up to much now i cant get the bolt out to rethreat or whatever it nees anyone have any ideas on how to get the bolt out of the subframe and be able to repair with out buying a whole new subframe?

Is it stripped and turning or seized solid?

the bolt can turn anyway you want it wont tighten anymore or come out though

I'm not sure which bolt you're talking about. Does it thread into the bike frame or into the muffler? Unless there's a welded nut that broke loose and is spinning you might be able get it out by putting pressure on the bolt as if you're trying to pull it straight out and turning it with a ratchet at the same time. If it bolts the muffler to the frame, prying between the muffler and the frame while turning the bolt may do the trick.

Ditto above.

Once it's out, re-tap the subframe to the next size, or if the muffler hardware won't allow for a larger fastener, then clearance drill through the sub, use a longer bolt, and put a pair of locknuts on the inside.

Simply drill it out :cry:

drill it out-then put in a longer bolt & a nut on the other end

its the bolt that holds the muffler to the subframe thanks ill try it doesnt sound to hard i dont think

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