URGENT ADVICE needed - Re: 426 Supermoto Wheels

I'm looking for some Supermoto wheels, and apart from just buying a complete Talon set-up I'm pretty much in the dark. I'm trying to do it on a tight budget (that's why the talons are out) and I was hoping someone would have some advice.

I have a couple of options at the moment, but I'm not sure if they'd work. The first is some KLR650 rims. These are going cheap, but It'd mean getting some hubs and a spoke set - at what price though??

The second is a complete wheel set from a TT600- three spokers. See:


These would be ideal but the bid's up soon, and I'm obviously not gonna bid if I don't know if they'll fit.

Now, they're all 17", but I dunno about spindle sizes or whether they would be incompatible due to swingarm, calipers etc....

Anyone got any ideas :cry::cry:

(BTW - I'm running an '02 426F)

I use East Coast Wheels for my spare set of dirt wheels. :cry: They did a great job and even balanced my new wheels for high speed. :cry: Now I am giving them my old banged up front wheel to replace the rim. I went with Talon hubs and wider excel rims. They also have cheaper hubs on their web site! :cry:


unless you have access to a machine shop, i would go with purpose built sm wheels, or be a little patient and pick up supermoto wheels off ebay. there seems to be a lot of yammy 17" wheels that go up there. between issues with bearings/caliper/spacers/rotors/fitting in the swing arm, etc, it's better just to call East Coast wheels, imho. they had a special a little while ago for $800.

if you're Really on a budget, the way to go is sportsman rubber, $150 tires on your stock rims, and the bike is much more capable than you'd imagine. there's plenty of guys out there that can spank me on stock rims

also post up wanted ads at www.supermotojunkie.com. good luck!

Both ideas would be cool - if only I didn't live across the channel :cry:

But you're right - looks like my best option is to get Yammy purpose built wheels. I was dreaming that I could either pick up some cheap hybrid wheels

or get hold of cheap rims/hubs and spokes and do it myself. Doesn't look likely. The problems could be thousandfold.

Looks like I'll haveta see the bank manager to get Supermoto'd



Try these Peeps, they did some great deal at the NEC and no doubt they will be at the the Alley Pally road show:-

I got Talon hubs but went for cheaper Morad Rims....


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