05' WR450 for tight single track??

I'm getting closer to making a decision on my new ride. I currently have an '04 KTM 300E and want a four stroke in a bad way! (I have another post out there trying to make a choice between the WR and KTM 450). I only ride tight mid-west single track, I'm not an expert rider but I have been riding dirt bikes since the 70's. (NO fossil jokes!) I still race some Hare Scrambles and ride almost every week. I've recently given the WR 450 a hard look since they have made some changes to it. I have done extensive searches on this site and I mainly hear about how the WR is best on wide open trails. My buddy rides an '04 Husky TE450 and we swap bikes occasionally and I have fallen in love with the power that is allways on tap. Would the WR feel anything like the Husky? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pete

I would get the KTM 525 EXC if you want tight woods and lots of power!

The WR450 is really a great all around bike but you just wont see it on the top of any specialized catagory of riding. :cry:

if tight single trail is your game i'd be looking at a WR250


Indy is right for the most part, unless you want to spend some $. Try what I did on my 03' WR4-Nifty. Put a 52 rear sprocket on and custom fit a chain to fit all the way forward in the swingarm slider. Then raise your forks 5mm in the tripleclamp. This will equal or exceed the Husky feel with a first gear off idle that will climb a wall. If you're really keen on tight, spend some more $ and change your camber to a taller rake. Then the WR will rail like an RM250. This combined with a Revloc clutch make any single track I have ridden in CO/UT a breeze.

P.S. Hey Indy, is that Monitor and Merimack in UT behind you in your avatar?

your just going to have to ride one. a wr feels like a wr and a ktm feels like a ktm. i can ride my buddies '04 exc with no problem (except for that seat!) but he doesn't like to ride my wr. some peoples riding style fits a certain bike more than others. the wr will be a big change from your 300 and may take some getting used to. i'm not sure any 450 four stroke is going to handle the tight stuff the way your 300 does. you might find the change to a 450exc easier. that is, if you can get one.

You can use a WR450 for tight single track, but there are other 4 strokes that would be good too. The WR250 still has real good power. You'll have to uncork either of the WR's, though. Not a real big deal. The WR450 is a great do-it-all bike that someone mentioned isn't on top of any category. That's probably true, but it's darn good at most things. My 400 still blows my mind now and then. Plenty of grunt for whatever. You don't have to rev it much which is nice IMO. The KTM's are great too. I've ridden with 525's that blitz through woods like i can't believe. A little pricey for the KTM's if you asked me.

For tight single track, you are on the right bike IMO. I went from a WR426 and had the forks raised 10mm and it's still way more work than the 300 EXC. I'm way less tired at the end of the day on this bike.

For tight single track I would choose the WR 250.

The more power you have the less handleing you have.

My buddy has a Wr 250 and I can't believe how easy iit is to ride in the tight stuff. Plus you won't be as tired at the end of the day. :cry:

Get the WR250 for tight single track. Do all the free mods (see the latest DIRT BIKE MAG). IMO you don't need the power of the 450 for tight single track. The 250 is lighter and more nimble. Unless you are a bigger guy and can handle the extra weight.

The 05 with a lower CG is perfect for tight single track.. My first ride with the bike left me amazed how the bike stacks up with my KTM300. The 05 has a more gentle bottom end and a bigger mid to top making it a perfect trail machine when compaired to the earlier WR models. I'm surprised how many guys can comment on a new bike they've never ridden. The 05 is truly the best WR I've owned (4). The bike just doesn't fall into turns like the previous models. My dealer set the bike up with a 170 main and a 68 pilot. I removed the AIS unit in about an hour, it was simple. My 05 is jetted perfectly and has a nice roll on powerband. The bike doesn't hiccup, cough or stall... The bars are horrible (for me) and the pipe was a nice try but I can tell there's a beast waiting to get out, so I'm replacing it. I'll be ordering a GYT-R pipe in a couple of weeks.

If you wanted a KTM for single track I would go with the 450exc, the bike is almost perfect... The 525 is a great bike with a big bottom end, I would rather ride and race the 450 on tighter trails, the 450s power is just right. The 525 can be a bit much for crawling..

Only my opinion....


My dealer set the bike up with a 170 main and a 68 pilot. I removed the AIS unit in about an hour, it was simple. My 05 is jetted perfectly and has a nice roll on powerband.


Correction your dealer put in a 48 pilot! :cry: No flames ! Just facts! :cry:

Correction your dealer put in a 48 pilot! :cry: No flames ! Just facts! :cry:

Yep... 48.. Typo

Thanks everyone for the replies.

(Dan Lorenze) Thanks for the direct comparison of the 450 and the KTM300. I thought the '05 might be different than the previous models with the lower seat and mass moved down too. I'm still leaning toward riding blue just to get away from the maintenance on the KTM. My 300 is great and I wish I could have both but I like the feel (power wise) of the four stroke. I'm sure the weight difference will take a learning curve. Thanks for all the info, Pete

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