Good to see you back in the land of the living! Are you here for the duration,or just stopping in with your well-respected (and only slightly warped)input? :)

Hi Pete,

How the hell are ya?!? Been good here. Been easing back into the swing of things. Haven't been riding much, mostly wakeboarding. I got everything back in perspective and slowed down a little. Spent a little extra time with the dogs and some magic hat #9. (vermont micro brew) I was wakeboarding 2 nites a week, riding 2 nites a week, traveling to Maine and wakeboarding on the weekends, then traveling back on sundays. It only took a few weeks of this and I was spent and bitchy. I was wanting to dump my girlfriend to free up that 1 day I didn't do anything so I could ride or wakeboard. I finally just burnt myself out and it showed in my attitude. I got that all straightened out and kicked back. I try and wakeboard twice and ride once during the week and mix things up on the weekend. Been feeling fresher and better. Its good to be back. The fall is comming and my riding season will begin and the boat eill be put away. This will mean 2 to 3 rides a week plus an 80 to 100 mile ride on one of the weekend days. Ooohh, then the winter riding starts :). Good to be back and I hope all is going well for you too.



01 426 "sewing machine"

Custom cracked headlight:

Custom bent and twisted header pipe:Custom repaired break lever:custom repaired clutch lever: Custom dented moose skid plate: Custom dented frame: Custom scuffed side number plates: Custom scuffed front and rear fenders: Custom stock jetting: Custom vortip: Custom stickers


Good to see ya back! A little Magic Hat will go along way :) I assume you've decorated the board and bike with #9 stickers :D

As good as the 9's are, the stickers couldnt't survive the abuse. Did you ever have to do your countershaft seal??


You know it's still leaking, but not nearly as bad after I cleaned up the area with solvent and a toothbrush. Just a few drops here and there. I need to take it apart and fix it for good :)

Still haven't identified the exact source, though. Maybe the shift seal is leaking, and not the countershaft. At least it drips from the shifter and not visibly from the countershaft.

Glad to see you back, we miss you're (twisted) personality

I know what you're talking about Mike.I think that we've all pushed the edge of burn-out from time to time.I'm presently toeing the line myself as it would appear that I took on a bigger project than I had bargained for when I bought this new house. All that I have been doing with my spare time this summer is working on the money pit.That's even what I did on my holidays!As a matter of fact I've only been able to ride my bike a couple of times this year. :) Right now I'm just trying to stay positive and hoping that everything will come together, even if I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel-yet.Glad to see you back and in a good frame of mind.Next time you're out riding,roost some single-track for me. Thnx.P.Z.

I will be out tonight tossing some roost for ya. Your summer is short up there, don't work it all away.

Yeah man, you know it wont be long before the squirles come to pack you away for the winter when you take your days off to work on the hut!

People ask you what your doing this weekend and you say, ahhh I think Ill clean the gutters.

You start spending more time and money in the Home Depot than the Bike shop.

You start watching This old house and know all the termonolgy Bob V is using.

You start thinking about decks, expanding them, staining them, making fancy railings for them, adding a hot tub to the deck (even though you know you will be to busy taking care of the deck and the tub to use it ) .

I could go on, but you can see the warning signs here.

Renting rules!!! I dont even mow the lawn :) .

Ohmigod-it's all true!!!When I read that last post it was like WR_Jason had been watching me and my futile attempts at home improvement.I'm becoming afraid that it's a chronic condition that I will never recover from.Oh how I long for those golden days of carefree riding-now lost in a flurry of deck screws,fibreglass insulation,and pressure-treated lumber.It's too late for me but if just one person reads this and is saved from the clutches of a "project house",it will be worthwhile.Now if you could all excuse me for a moment,I think I'll just go and shoot myself.

Aaahhhh, Pete, it will all be worth it in the end. When you are done a long day of riding, you will be able to kick back on the deck with some Molso Brador's and recap the ride you just had. Try an get out at least for a couple hours of fun. Ity may help move thing along if you get some of the need to ride out of your system. It will definatley put a smile on your face.

Ah ha,,, see, its all a government trick! Every house is a project house! You are NEVER satisfied, the work is nver done. Its like when you go to clean your bike, you think, oh, Ill just wipe it down, then you say, I bet I can get at that gook under the carb, next thing you know your cleaning the chain with a tooth brush and putting armor-all on the sidewalls! Get out, get out of your home while you still can, or on your next trip to Home depot pick up some ply and paint for a 4 sale sign that says, bought home, have wife, no time to ride, Bike needs good home. :) .

Of cours alot of these guys on this fourm seem to have come to their senses again when they turned 40 or so and come wondering back, pulled into the bike dealer by some strange uncontrolable force, like fish to their native spawning pools,, Maybe Ill do a documentry on the dangers of home ownership to wild dirtbike life :D .

Welcome back Mike.

Remember "GRASSHOPPER" In husbands eyes work on house all done :) In wifes eyes work never got started :D

Ride Often & Ride Safe :D

Originally posted by WR_Jason:

Its like when you go to clean your bike, you think, oh, Ill just wipe it down, then you say, I bet I can get at that gook under the carb, next thing you know your cleaning the chain with a tooth brush and putting armor-all on the sidewalls!

You've obviously never seen Mikes bike. The closest it came to being clean in June, when he was down to ride, was if one of us spilt beer on it sticking another beer label on it :)

On the side number plate where it says titanium, it was rubbed off and looked like titanic....so titanic it was :D

Bill :D


99 WR400f, YZ timed, MX-Tech suspension, Scotts steering damper, White Bros E-Series (12 discs), tapered header and a/f. Kouba T-handle for the fuel screw. Works Connection billet throttle tube and frame guards. Cycra Pro-Bend, triple clamp mount handguards. Thumper Racing rad guards, Renthal Jimmy Button highs, YZ Tank and IMS seat, YZ number plate, odo removed, EKP #4, 50PJ, 175MJ at 500-1000' Thanks James Dean!

Yup, he ( my bike is not a she )often crashes like the titanic as well. MCARP wnated to call it christine, but for some reason the bike never fixes itself, so that didn't work.

Hey Bill,

I washed it the other day. I think my bike i sin shock.

See Mike, its starting!

Titanic, thats funny! Brings new insight to the WR submarine thing huh?

Just be careful you guys that have houses ya know. Next thing you know your cursing at trees becuase you think they are plotting against you and your house. And whats up with those big shiney spehres that sit on those bird bath looking pedistols ?? what are those things andyway?

Well, Mike sounds like he is squared away and ok, anybody that has beer labels on his bikes goatta be ok. :)

WR Jason,

Yup, I am just fine. I to am a renter and don't have to shovel or mow or anything like that. I am also a DINK (dual income no kids). Aaaah, life is good.

I do plan on buying a house in a couple of years. My dad is retired now and will need something to work on, so I will hook him right up.

Roger the DINK Mike, Me too. Way to work the family on the house, that is so my plan too! I rent and my girl had an issue with the people that mow not getting the weeds along the patio. No problemo I said Ill take care of it. As it turns out, the Dunlop 739 IS good for something, makes a heck of an edger weed wacker! Takes the roots up too :) !

Nice! Maybe I will start doing the trim at my place.

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