Problems With Rekluse Clutch. Opinions Please!

Let me set the stage for why I'm having a problem. 2001 WR426 with rekluse. I rode in the mud the other day and it didn't look that bad. I was very very wrong. The mud was so sticky it packed in between the forks and under the fender so bad it stalled the bike. I also have put about 200 miles on the clutch without incident. I figured I would gas it enough to spin the rear wheel and throw the mud enough to get traction after I dug out some of the mud from my forks...what I didn't do is remove the mud from the actuator arm for the clutch which was covered by mud that was apparently being thrown off the chain. It was so covered it couldn't move at all. I realized this when the bike was in gear and I was on the gas and the rear tire was not spinning. Has anything like this happened to anyone with a Rekluse? I'm hoping all I have to do it replace the friction plates. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :cry:

i did the same thing. it got so hot, the steel clutch plates were discolored. i swear you could see a little blue in them. you won't know what you've got till you pull it apart. you're install gap probably needs to be checked anyways.

Check the install gap and its probly out of spec.

Did you put a new clutchpack in with the Rekluse install? If so you almost always have to re adjust the install gap within a short while as your new clutch pack sets in.

I intalled my Rekluse over the stock plates "4000 miles +" but still within spec. and have not needed to adjust at all. Ive put 400+ miles on it of tight singletrack.

To all who install a Recluse, Check your stock clutch and drive plate specs before you install the autoclutch, You might not need the new clutchpack.

BTW...The Rekluse auto clutch is the Bomb! By far the best money ive ever spent on any bike period.

Good luck.


I checked the install gap and it was in spec. but a little toward the outside. The plates however were cooked. Two of the guys I work with at the shop where I was inspecting it said it smelled like beef jerky! One guy said it smelled like bacon! The friction plates had lost a lot of material and the steel plates were cooked almost black. I did put in a new clutch pack from EBC when I did the install and the clutch worked pretty damn good until I rode in desert north of Grand Junction, CO when it was muddy. I'm not sure yet if I want to put it back in. Thanks for your replies.



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