450 header on 2K 426?

Will it fit?


I guess this has never been tried before? I am interested in the GYT-R titanium header for the 450, they don't offer one for the 426. I am tired of removing the header to change the oil filter.


wont fit

I have a PC header pipe for sale

I have a 2000 426 with gyt titanium header(i have 2) and clearance is not an issue for filter on my bike.

I really want a GYT-R but all they have listed now is a stainless header, I would like a titanium. Did they use to make a titanium for the 2000 426? Also on the "Garage" part of this site I thought I saw a yellow 400 or 426 with a 450 header on it (thats what he said in his description). I've heard of guys switching over to 450 subframes and plastics and maintaining the same exhaust (I think) so does this mean that a 426 exhaust will fit the 450 subframe? My goal is to trick my bike out with a lot of GYT-R carbon fiber and the titanium exhaust, I would like a 2003 450 but the wife says 2 bikes are enough :cry:


Ti will dent easier :cry:

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