Is it possible to get a MCO?

I got my bike last yr from a guy in MD who bought the bike new from the dealer w/out any MCO so he wouldnt have to pay any tax etc. Is it possible to get the MCO fro any Yamaha Dealer?



Sure it's not hot? My bike came with the manufacturers certificate of origin, not sure if they all do though.


I Am 100% Positive Ran The Vin Number Etc.

I've got the same problem. Sold a bike that I had bought used from a dealer. The man I sold it to insist on having the MCO. I told him I would do what I could. I bought it from a local dealer who did not get the original papers from the owner.

The dealer it came from should have made a copy of it and have it on file- That is how we do it at our shop-

What can be done if you don't know where the bike was originally purchased and the original owner can't help you? Does that basically mean you are never going to be able to get the MCO? I called my local DMV and they said the only way I could get a title for the bike is with the MCO.


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