Line-X Bed Liner

I finally kicked down the cash and bought a Line-X spray in bed liner after scratching up my bed for 2 years. I am happy with the liner so far, it looks great, but I am finding it hard to keep clean. I got some red clay on it and sprayed it out with the hose. After it dried you can still see the mud. Then put the bike in it for a 4 hour road trip, now it has a black gas stain that won't come out, even bird sh** is impossible to remove. Yesterday I sprayed it down with Simple Green and that got the mud out, but not the gas or bird dropping. I am afraid the simple green might mess it up. If anyone has one of these bed liners and has found a good way to keep it clean pleas let me know.

I use simple green in hot water, a push-broom to scrub it, and a pressure washer for the final rinse. Works good for me...

You might also try the stuff they sell specifically for Line-X. I don't know how well it cleans, but it shines it up pretty well.

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