2trac "behind the scene"

That is cool! :cry:

I would love to try one of those. :cry:

BTW the original Ohlins(scott) damper was set to 17 clicks out! This means that it is almost off on the low speed circuit. I guess Yamaha decided to do this because the way the damper is mounted do not allow the user to easily tune it, so they decided to almost switch it off.

Is this a Yamaha R&D Prototype? How much additional weight does the new drive system add?

what did he pay for the bike and where did he get it?

From the local Bulgarian Dealer for $12600 US! However I have heard that in Germany you can find it for under 9000 Euro. There are 3 bike like this sold in Bulgaria. I rode this one and it is amazing how the bike goes straight on acceleration. Crossing swamps is like you ride normal road. However it is so much more complicated that I do not want it at all! You cannot change even the main jet without spending 3 times more time, and all this stuff around your engine... no thanks! The Ohlins suspension is what I definitely want from this bike though!!!

I forgot to mention that this is the PERFECT wheelie machine!!!

Do you notice a big decrease in acceleration due to the extra drivetrain parts? Is the front wheel drive always engaged or can you engage it when needed? Interesting concept, is it intended mostly for low-traction, technical conditions? How does it feel when cornering?

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