Radiator Filling???????

Hey Bro's

I just finished a top end on my son's RM 125. When we fill the radiator with the proper fluid amount (900cc), the radiator will only accept half the amount (450cc). The radiator was completely drained of fluid, (the radiator lines were removed also to ease cylinder removal).

The bike was started, rode up and down street, at least 5 minutes. The collant is at top level when inspected??????????

The bible says I should still be putting in 450cc more?

Any ideas?????????????????

Shes got an air bubble some where, run the bike with the radiator cap off and make sure its circulating. The air will come out, just takes some time.

Isnt there a bleeder screw at the top of the cylinder. I wouldnt run it untill you get ALL the fluid in.

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