Which dez tank for the 05

I've searched posts and it appears the biggest tank for this bike so far is 3.1 gallon IMS, a big improvement from the 2.1 stocker. Is this accurate, or are there other options for this model that would be bigger / better?

Thanks, and I did read that particular post. The key statement I agree with was by Dan_Lorenze "I wish someone would come out with a nice single petcocked 4 gallon tank for the late model WRs... " Are the GYTR tanks really 3.4 gallon? Anyone know of a bigger tank or is this the only option?

The biggest tank available is the GYTR for the 03/04 which is a 3.4 gallon tank (but some specs may call it a 3.3 ) :cry:

Thanks for the input Indy. Hell, it's a lot better than 2.1. :cry:

Any recommendations on finding one at the best price? :cry:

Since it is a Yamaha GYTR part good pricing is hard to get $245.00 was last years price for the tank when I got it. :cry:

Thanks. Well, no rush..... I'll guess do some shopping. :cry:

Gas, the GYT-R and Acerbis tanks are the same tank that Acerbis makes. I bought the Acerbis brand because it was cheaper of the two. I too want a bigger tank but the three gallon is what were stuck with for now. :cry::cry: Yep, it's better than 2.11 for long hauls...


I'll sell you my 3.1 IMS YZF model for $75. :cry:


Cory, PM me the model number and if it fits my 05 WR, could be a deal....

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