First ride with weighted flywheel

Fatnugget, thanks for giving input, you're the first one I've seen talk about an 8 oz. I'm leaning towards a 10 or 12. Good lookin out.

Goosedog, nice thread. I was torn between the Steahly fly and a Rekluse but I think you've got me convinced to go with my gut feeling. I could put the $$$ I save towards a steering stabilizer. You sure about the 12 oz. instead of the 10. I'm not going to be doing any enduros, just trailriding and hairs.

Crabtree426, I went with 12oz. because it was suggested as the best size for the 426 by the majority of TTer's I asked. Therefore I can't really say how it would compare to the 10oz. I do know it definately turned my YZ into the trailbike I hoped it could be. And good choice for the saved money on a steering damper, I have one on both my dirt bikes and wouldn't ride the woods without them.

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