Silkolene Full Synthetic

Anyone tried this in their WR's? Clutch slipping at all? I know its and old question but I'm new to the site and to the bike. 2001 WR426



i have used the silkolene ester synthetic. It's made for dirt bikes and works fine. It's pink too, which brings out my feminine side. :cry:

I use the Silkolene Comp 4 SX 10W-40 semi-synthetic ester technology 4-stroke engine oil for high performance off-road motorcycles with the NEW electrosyntec oil technology that releases HIDDEN power! Just like the label off the bottle I copied says ... hehe ... but seriously, it's great oil.

I also use the Silkolene Pro-Cool coolant ... also very nice stuff.

I use it in all my bikes. I have had no problems with it.

Ive used silkolene pro 4 fuly synth engine oil in all the bikes ive owned its great stuff.

pro-4 is the only oil i will use.

Thanks for your input. I think I'll switch to full syn. now.



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