Hydraulic Clutch Or Auto Clutch???

I have an '02 426, and after riding I can barely pull the clutch in. I am interested in getting a MAGURA HYDRAULIC CLUTCH or a Rekluse Z-Start.

I would like some opinions on these two products. I ride mostly off road and trail (i live in the high desert).



Assuming you have a good cable the pull on the Hydraulic units is about the same as the cable. I am not a fan of auto clutches. But if you ride real nasty stuff and cant pull in the lever quick enough or the right amount it makes it easier to ride with an auto clutch. I also like the hyudraulic clutch for its auto adjusting feature. No perch adjuster needed. The Rekluse Z-Start is a popular auto clutch. :cry:

i agree, hydraulic clutch on my yz 450 felt about the same as the stock

i think Moose or something makes one of the easy pull clutch thingy, i makes the pull ratio smaller or something like that. www.mooseracing.com

I used to have a problem with arm pump, this may or may not be the problem or the answer you are looking for, BUT. I baught a thing called the DYNA-FLEX it is a gyro scopic workout for the forarm and fingers. http://www.dynaflex-intl.com/ It has strengthened my hands and fingers to the point of not woring about arm pump or pulling the clutch lever.In my oppinion it is very worth the $$$$ :cry::cry: just a sugestion :cry:

Yep - my clutch is hard as hell to pull in? I replaced the cable - but still very hard. ANything I can look at or buy to fix it?


Which of the dynaflex tools do you use for arm pump?

I use The Dyna-Flex Exerflex Exercise Ball. It used to be called dyna bee i think. Its been around for a while. It is kinda tricky to learn HOW to use it butt once you get it down it is a great workout you can feel working. The thing i was told about for arms and finger muscles is they adapt very quickly to the work you give em. In other words like a job change maby now you swing a hamer for a living where as you used to work in an office, you will be hurting for a week or two but then your arms gain strength very quickly. If you are a weekend rider or you only get out every other weekend , your arms wont adjust to the workout because you dont ride enough. I ride almost every weekend sometimes both days , and the DYNA FLEX power ball has helped me with my arms and fingers strength.. :cry::cry::cry:

The Hinson on my 450 is a two finger thing that is unquestionably the most perfect clutch I have ever used on any motorcycle. It is, of course, pricey, but you can get by with just the pressure plate, springs, and a good plate kit. The GYT-R clutch components are Hinson's as far as I can tell, so you could use that as well. One of the keys is that it releases clean and engages smoothly with relatively little actual pressure plate travel. Once the clutch works that well, there are some different actuator lever cross fits you can do. Do a search for the particulars on that one.

I just ordered the Z-Start with external perch adjuster. I got it from the TT Store with 2-day delivery :cry: I called Rekluse and those guys are pretty cool. Answered all my questions and explained to me how it works. With the external perch adjuster I can still use the clutch to slip it if I need too. SO I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thanks for the info,


For the type of riding you stated, you cant go wrong with the Auto. I ran an EFM on the Mx tracks with no problems and never ran the clutch lever. They are fun. It will take a little adjusting to but not much.

I can't say enough about my auto-clutch. It makes trail riding so much easier. :cry: If I buy another bike I'll check to see if there's an atuo-clutch available before I get it.

For the type of riding you stated, you cant go wrong with the Auto. I ran an EFM on the Mx tracks with no problems and never ran the clutch lever. They are fun. It will take a little adjusting to but not much.

Agree here as well. I was a skeptic big time in auto clutches. Once I decided to put the Zstart on my 426 I have never regretted it.

It makes the 426 a woods rocket, choppy, rutted, wet, logs, mud don't matter the Zstart makes the bike work like you would not believe. Arm Pump very first thing I noticed that went away. I don't use the clutch perch never put it on don't miss it one bit.

For woods it is the schnizit, for MX it works just as well. I don't ride MX but 1% But I felt just as comfortable with m woods setup on an MX track. The best part I like about the Zstart is the reduction of Engine Breaking. Before the back would simple slide and brake now you can concentrate on your mechanics then worry if the rear is going to jump to the front when setting up for a corner.

Pick you apex, stuff your front wheel slam on the rear binders to steer that bike around all the time with not letting off on the gas :cry::cry::cry:


I just did a write up review on it

Zstart Review

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