What are the best street tires for XR650L?

I bought my 2002 xr650l no to long ago, and would like to know what street tires work well in rainy weather. I live in Portland Ore. :cry:

If you want a GREAT tire check out the AVON Distanzia. Excellent DS or Motard Tire. They come in different compounds and I forget which one is the soft one. Ask the sales person. They were hard to find 5 months ago but you should be able to find them now.


Before I converted my XR650L to supermoto with 17" wheels, I ran Avon Gripsters (worked well in dry conditions but sucked in the rain) and then changed to an Avon RoadRunner front and SuperVenom rear. Those worked better in the dry and MUCH better in the wet.

I use an Avon ProExtreme Rain in the front now and a Distanzia in the rear with the 17s, and that combination is the best by far. I never got around to trying the Distanzias on the 18/21" wheels, but the supermoto Distanzias are much different than the ones for the larger wheels, so I don't know how well they work in those conditions.

Thank you for your replys. Would those tires be found at Les Schwab? Also are Pirelli's any good on that bike?

Dunno who Les Schwab is. You can order them through http://www.i-bike.com/index.cfm where I work. We have really good tire prices.

That place is a big tire store in the north west, Thanks for the web site I have also passed it on to a friend. :cry:

Do you only ride this beast (BFP) on the street ?? It's a waste/shame if that's all it ridden on. I use Pirelli MT21's (130/90 rear) for the normal AMA dual sport rides and be-bopping around town rain or shine. I've heard some riders like the Kenda 270's for more/better asphalt traction.

I shoe up a pair of Kenda(DOT) K760 Trakmasters (120/100 rear) for the tough DSR's like Renfroe Valley,KY and Blairsville,Ark. traction test's.

Besides, I've found it to dangerous on the roads here in Pensacola on any motocycle w/these no driving SUV idiots. Much safer flying thru the trees at 45-50 mph, the forest does'nt pull out in front of you or try to share your line/lane.



No, I do not just ride in the street, :cry: but the standard 50/50 tires do not provide much in the way of cornering on wet streets. So I am trying to get better ideas for the experts and brothers of the road here on T.T., I have gotten some very usefull imformation so far. Thanks for all the replys so far.:cry:

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