Which 3.4 gal fuel tank is best?

Which 3.4 gallon tank is the slimmest? My choices are Acerbis, Clark and IMS.

02' WR 426 w/YZ tank/seat upgrade.

I would probably go with the IMS. I have a Clarke tank on my bike and I hate that stupid thing. It moves the rider position back about 3 inches because it comes up so high in the front. I also couldn't get my works connection radiator braces to fit right with that thing.

I love my IMS 3.4 gal...of course, I had a big fatty WR tank and seat before, so anyhting would be an improvement, but the IMS product feels great, fits great, and works great.

The Acebis feels exactly the same as stock. My reccomendation. :cry:

I second the Acerbis :cry:

I too like the slimness of the Acerbis (GYTR) tank. :cry:

Thank you for your input.

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