Anyone that took out there e-start - 03wr450?

Have you figured out how to fabricate a new ignition cover that doesnt have the gear housing on it? I want to remove the estart , but would like to resolve that issue before I start. Thanks in advance, Denis

NCMountainman has done this mod. PM him any questions. :cry: Real good guy! :cry:

i wish i could post pictures but i'll try to explain. if you cut off that knob that holds the starter with a die grinder, you can tig weld it back with a part of the piece you cut off. now when cutting you must leave the gasket surface and the bolt hole intact (so basically your cutting a hole in the case very close to the edge.) then cut a chunk of the trash piece to fill the hole,get it as close as possible. then tig weld it (you must use tig,any other way is to hot and will warp or melt the gasket surface) and yes the case is aluminum and not magnesium. if you don't feel comfortable doing that a 1 1/8" rubber freeze plug from auto zone works to fill the hole.

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