bike wont start......$%^&**%

ok guys, im just about to die from kicking it

she hasnt been started in 9 months, i just put fresh fuel, new plug, and it wont start

i tried with the choke, without the choke, cant get it to fire

dosnt even sound like it wants to

ive been rebuilding it, but havnt really touched the engine,

one thing i did notice was a few drips coming out of the float bowl overflow, also my fuel petcock wont fully shut off

the only thing i got was a tiny little backfire

WHAT should i do? ????

ok, 2 hours later, ive checked for spark, theres is bright blue/white

pulled the plug and it was wet, changed plug, that too ended up wettish,

kicked it over without plug to 'dry' it out, put new dry plug in, still no signs of life, pulled plug again, cleaned then tried to kick without fuel on and no choke, no go, then with choke no go


sounds like it's well n truely flooded, due to a dirty needle n seat.

Disconnect fuel hose from carby and drain bowl, kick the crap out of it holding it WOT to vent the chamber. (easier to push it around your yard in 3rd)

New plug, turn fuel on for about 3 seconds, then turn fuel off (<-important)

then follow your normal cold engine starting procedure. brap brap brap.

Turn fuel back on, if it stalls soon after doing this, needle n seat has shit on it. Remove and clean carby etc.

Like Hamish says. If you had the bike sitting for 9 months and had some fuel left in the float bowl all that time. You need to completely clean your carb and jets. :cry:

thanks guys,

now, ive managed to start it, and the overflow isnt overflowing anymore :cry:

but it will only start with the hot start, and will only idle with the hot start

ill do some searching, i have a feeling its a blocked fuel screw jet or pilot jet??


it's waaaaay rich if you need the hot start to start/idle when it's cold.

definately time for a carby service.

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