WR on the road

ive got mine steet legal and used it strictly for that. i had the dual purpose tires until i bought myself some sick super moto tires and now its so much fun and nice. also the tires came with a much bigger front disc and a smaller sprocket in the rear so the bike reach a 100 mph. now to what i use the bike for now. needless to say the bike is super fast with a new pipe so i got a ticket on it so i than took it to the drag races and won with the bike two nights in a row. hows that one........take that all crotch rockets. i than proceeded to get some cams installed which made the bike even faster and now i just had the athena big bore installed and its outrageously fast now.......stock with just the small sprocket the bike ran 13.5 in the 1/4 mile at 96 mph....now were thinking itll do mid 12's...first race in march so ill let you all know.......peace out

ukuhunta, my buddy was throwing down high 11's on an old R1 on his first outing to the strip. 12 sounds ridiculously quick for a WR, so congrats, but don't race any sport bikers that know which wrist makes the bike go fast.

thx for the tip buddy. that night was jsut beginner luck but im gonna give it a whirl this year for sure. its all bracket racing so its all at the light and the hayabusa guys are inconsistent, i beat one to win cause he red lighted and than i beat a 1000 cc honda all suped up that broke out......next race i broke down but its all fun. well see what the new times will be.....one thing for sure it sure is nimble and quick in the neighborhood

i ride my 05 wr450 all over the place and i have never hade a problem and all i have done is changed the gearing to 15tooth and 40tooth in the rear. also i have not had any problems in staying in 5th gear at 1 speed for too long ive gone from phoenix to la and back non stop(about 375mi each way)

Update on my WR400:

Running Avon Distanzias, stock rims, 15 front, 50 rear sprocket, home made PowerNow (more like a PowerPack), jetted with all stock jets (details in WR jetting database), Acerbis SM front fender, stock YZ426 exhaust, and the thing runs smooth, actually feels like a street bike! Not sure what change did it, but the missing at 50mph is gone now too. Smooth power curve, easy to ride. I love this bike. I think i get 45mpg when i cruise. should be more for a 400cc motor, but hey it aint designed for it.

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