04 Wr450 ???

I didn't get much feedback on the question about the length of the throttle stop. I prob needed to give more info. I was wondering if I could get an exact length on the stock throttle stop that needs cut. Someone said 24mm. If this is correct, is that total length or behind the head? Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Also curious about jetting. I ride anywhere between 5800 to 9000 ft elevation. Any suggestions? Thanks again. :cry::cry:

Should be. Anytime a bolt, screw etc is measured, its under the cap to the tip.

Just take off the cover where the throttle stop goes. Unscrew the stop. Then hold the throttle wide open. Turn the trottle stop in until it just stops the throttle from reaching maximum. Then measure the length of threads exposed and you know how much to cut the stop.

Or order a yz stop which is on back order for the last month. My throttle stop was completely removed so I have none to cut.

Wish I could help. I didn't cut, used a YZ stop instead.

Going on memory I think I cut 11 mm off of mine. Jdd123 has the right idea!

ya,the spec is 11 mm cut off. i took off 10 just to be on the safe side. :cry:

I second and third that.....11 mm was what I was told from numerous people to include my local Yammy dealership. Now this is the lenght of shaft to cut off. Most like myself cut slightly under this around 9-10 mm. Once I have my 05 mods all done and I can ride it to her potential I'll install a YZ screw so I know I have all she can give. There might be something to say about leaving the screw a little long!!!!!

I just happen to have in my left hand an actual YZ throttle stop screw that I am going to put in my bike. In my right hand is a metric ruler. When I put the two together the length I get not including the head is 18mm. Now if I can only figure out exactly where it goes. I will start a new thread for that...

on the 04 its under that little cover. but i hear the 05 is easier to get to??

on the 04 its under that little cover. but i hear the 05 is easier to get to??

I took mine out, cut it off to 18mm & re-installed it without removing the cover. If I remember correctly, I just removed the rectifier (with it's mount) from the frame mounts & swung it out of the way to get at the bolt.

ya , i remember now. i had to take off the cover to make sure it was the right thing!! i think it offered a little more room? but heck i can hardly remember last week never mind last spring :cry:

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