What happens when....

you rev the sh!t out of your bike to get out of deep mud but the wheel doesnt move. What potential problems are we looking at to the engine? :cry:

Clutch problems maybe. Need more info though. Did the problem last, was it in gear, ect.

Hopefully, its just the clutch. This would be the cheapest and quickest fix. I have never worn out a motrocycle clutch in my life, but I see it happens a lot. Quick task if thats it!

Well, was stuck in knee deep soft mud with roots of sort beneath. Heavy reved the bike in gear to try get it out together with a tow row. Once out, a fully released clutch seemed like i only released very little clutch. Let it cool and adjusted the clutch cable free play and it seems ok. Not sure if any damage done though.

My guess is you over heated your clutch. You oil will trashed full of bits so replace that and the oil filter before you go anywhere on it again. If you adjusted your cable and all seems well it is probably fine.

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