NEEDED: 03 WR450 Kick Axle & Crank Case Cover

Please e-mail me at if you know where I can find a crank case cover and kick axle aftermarket (or otherwise) for a 2003 WR 450...


Joel :cry:

what happened? got pictures?

do you mean the kicker,or the shaft? i have a stock kicker i can let go for a small fee... :cry:

what happened? got pictures?

I would not want to get kicked by him! :cry: His nickname might be Mean Joel Green? :cry:

I was riding yesterday stopped with a group, killed it and went to refire it and the kickstart shaft/kick axle shaft broke like a chicken bone. Busted the right case as well. Does any one know if some one is building a solid shaft? Maybe pics in the morning.




Here are some pics if I inserted the correctly...not too sure on how to insert them from my hard drive.

read the sticky piost at the top of the picture and video forum.

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