I just bought an 05 WR450 last Friday and have been reading these posts every since. Like most new owners I have some questions. I hope you guys can help me out and are tolerant of the questions.

First, I want to get the bike as stripped as possible without loosing the electric start. So, I would like to basically have a wide ratio YZ with e- start. Is this possible? Does the bike need all of the switches, buttons, lights, etc? Can the rear fender be replaced with one that doesn't have the light?

Second, I am interested in the jetting spec's, but they seem to be varied from one member to the next. I am not afraid to jet the carby, I've been riding 2 strokes since 75 so I know my way around a carb. I live in South Carolina anybody have a set of jet numbers for this area?

Third, I would like to loose the coolant overflow tank. Has anyone tried going to a higher pressure radiator cap and some engine ice or water wetter?

Once again thanks for your patience. I know you have probably answered these questions many times, but I haven't become very proficient at the search function yet.


1. You can strip it down as far as you want. I switched the rear fender to a YZ (don't use the yamaha oem rear fender because you'll have to trim holes for the subframe, I think ther UFO fender is already slotted for the WR. I know alot of guys on here have removed headlights and such and just run a number plate.

2. Jetting specs will vary on your elevation and temp.

3. I removed my overflow tank and just tucked the hoses. I run Silkolene pro cool and haven't had any problems yet. But, then again I don't ride very slow.

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