WR throttle stop anyone?

Hey people,

Anybody got a US spec WR throttle stop laying about? (the one that everyone takes out right away...)

I have a canadian spec WR over here in the UK, and my dad is coming out here in a couple of months. He is keen to have a go on the WR, but he hasn't really ridden bikes before. We have a big flat open field for teaching him how to ride so he isnt going to go crashing into anything, but i'd rather not give him the opportunity to chuck himself off the back. I think restricting it to half throttle is a great way to make it safer.

I'll pay for shipping etc. if anybody can mail me a throttle stop.


If nobody offers one up, I'll get one oneline & post it to you, as a "gift" of course...

damn the VAT! :cry:


You don't need the specific throttle stop screw. If my memory serves me correct, any M5 or M6 (M6 I think) machine screw cut to length will do - this even gives you the option of restricting the throttle opening to where you choose.

Another option would be to use a longer machine screw with a spring between the screw head and carb. housing - even easier to adjust to where you choose.

Hope this helps.


Machine screw as in allen-key caphead?


Yes, or Pozidrive/Philips head type machine screw.



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