Aftermarket Pipe 04 YZ450F

Hey all, anyone have an opinion on aftermarket pipes? I'd like to trade out the stock and put on maybe a white brothers E series S bend, for about $200 bucks. What about FMF pipes or Pro Circuit? I'd like to stay under $300 if possible. And do I HAVE to buy the midpipe, or can I just pull off the stock pipe and stick on a new one? Thanks, later!

I have a DR. D slip-on on my 04' 450. I like the pipe, and would say it was a good purchase. When buying an aftermarket pipe the biggest benefit you will recieve is the loss of wieght. I know a lot of guys will argue with me till the bitter end and say their pipe is awesome and noticeable throughout the entire powerband and ect. ect. ect. I ride with guys on all kinds of 450's KTM CRF YZF and we all have different pipes and we all have the same opinion on them; They all sound awesome compared to stock and the excelleration is a bit crisper. I guess what I am trying to say is do not look for any miracles just because you have spent $800.00 for a white brothers carbon pro. :cry:

Sweet, thanks for the reply man. That's why I probably will spend $215 on the White Brothers E Series pipe. It's aftermarket, will sound better, perform better, and I'm sure is lighter. Just didn't know if there was anything else out there to compare it with. Forget spending $800, I've got a ton of more mods I could buy for that. 200 of which would be for an ICat. I hear those are sweet, along with switching out my stock air filter for a UNI, and a DID or Renthal chain and sprockets.


I'm running renthal sprockets and am really pleased with the job they've done. Kept the front at stock number of teeth, increased the rear by three, really happy with it.


I actually like the 13 tooth on the front. I still have stock on the back, but am considering going up one or two more. I almost bought a flywheel weight (12-15oz), but decided to try sprockets instead. I'm looking to sacrifice a little top end/speed, for more grunt/low end. Particularly because I ride trails more and would like to be able to use the engine and gears more, rather than the brakes when going down hill and down over rocks. Right now, I have to work the clutch all the time through the trails. Any other thoughts on how to handle this situation? I want to still be able to hit the track though without losing too much. Thanks.

I like the FMF Ti 4 on mine with the Power Bomb header. It probably adds one HP on top (FMF has dyno charts that say more, but I'm dubious. Because of the low stock HP they showed, I don't think the bike was jetted right). But the big improvement is that it widened and smoothed out the curve in the mid-range.

Have a new Pro Circuit T-4 slip on coming and will post the results when I get a chance to ride. Its going on an 05 yz450F. I know its not going to give much more power if any but don't care for the factory silencer at all. The sound has gotta be better and hopefully it will give the motor some of its hit back. Later!!

stay away from carbon fiber units. They will break behind the rear mount. Mine did and I have seen others do it also

you can get the yoshimura comp series full system for around 350, awesome deal for how good the quality is.

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