Zip Ty fuel screw

I've been told to avoid the Zip Ty fuel screw because it has a tendency to break, creating more problems. Has anyone else seen or heard of this happening, or are there any reasonable alternatives?


That's news to me.

There were several people that broke the tip off their ZT screw, IN the carb.....they had to send the carb to ZT for them to get it out! No problems with mine.....

You bet it can. If you seat in down to zero like it was a headbolt or something, it wedges t he pintle in the seat so tight, then when you back it out, the pintle stays behind. I supped you could do it withg a brass one too. Trick is to just snug it down (know what zero turns out is) and then go from there. Get the Zip Ty screw, once you see what it looks like, you say "Oh, I can see where that can happen" and you'll never do it. I run mine out X amount of turns. I only seated it once to do the prelimiary adjustment. From here on out, I will just screw it in a 1/4 or out a 1/4 or so.

My friend also had a problem with the zip ty screw. He may have lost a washer in the installation and he ultimately never used it. He also expressed fears about vibration causing thread wear.

Here is an option I'm using, buy a special pilot screw tool. I bought mine from the Rocky Mountain catalog, page 706, for $11.69 plus shipping. It is small enough to ride with.

Zip Ty is a fine screw! Just dont crank it in like a gorilla! :cry:

scotts performance and koubalink both make a better product. it's brass and will out live the zipty. the zipty screw may have come out first but aluminum is a poor choice of material for this application. you may have noticed that mikuni and keihin don't make their jets out of aluminum.

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