Missing something?

Am I missing a button on my bars .. a switch to turn of the headlight? I have an 04 WR250 and an 04 WR450 and neither has this button that the repair manual says is supposed to be there.

Do you all have this or is it left off the Canadian models or is it part of the street legal package or what?


My 03 WR450 (US model) has a rocker switch just to the right of the right side handle bar clamp.

Headlight switch was not put on the 04-up.

Euro Law now says that All Headlights fitted must be on Perminant, I believe this can into Force as of 2003, as My RSVR has no light switches...neither does my 03 WR

no headlight switch on my '04 Canadian spec WR.

None on euro spec 04

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