Stupid Question about Spark Plug

Here goes my stupid question . . . .

Have only had my 04 WR 450F for a few months. . . Have changed the oil and filter a few times which was relatively easy. Thought about checking the spark plug. Looked at the manual and it gave almost no instructions on how to remove.

From my guess, I need to remove the seat and gas tank. But before I do I thought I would ask the Thumper Gods. Am I missing anything?

Thanks for your input and please be kind. I realize this is a "beginner" question.


I'll make you feel better.... I have the same question.

For the 250f and most likely the 450f yes you do to remove the seat and gas tank to get to the spark plug without getting mad and start cussing. :cry:

But I'm no thumper god.

Yes, thje seat has to come off only to undo the rear rubber strap for the tank. Now you remove the 2 bolts in the scoops, under the tank and disconnect the line and slide it off. The scoops and tank will be rmeoved as one assembly. There is a small hole on the RH side of the head, this is the drain for the plug well. Keep water out of this area when washing. If you must pressure wash it, tip it on the RH side to allow water to drain. If water is left in there, it will create a missfire. The kickstand tilts the bike in a way to trap water. Just another sidenote you might find helpful. Use the plug wrench that came with the bike.

wow,well that explains that!! since i got my new toy electric pressure washer for the bike i've used it twice and knew that hole was there and tried to steer clear of it, but some must have got in there because after riding for a few minutes to get rid of the dampness on the bike it would start to cut out just enough to think something was wrong and i would park it; next ride fine. so now i know.. it had to be the water getting heated and steamed it into a short circuit, then after parked it evaporates....ahhhso very good that was starting to make me wonder!!! :cry: sometimes some of the simplest things can lead to all kinds of troubleshooting..i'm glad i saw this before i started tearing into the carb like i was gonna!!! :cry:


You forgot to mention the crucial "Twist and Bend" for removing the spark plug coil. Twist the coil back and forth gently to break the seal with the porcelin, then apply a slight side load on the coil (towards the throttle side) as you pull up on the coil connector. If you just pull straight up, it may feel like you have to use so much force that it might break the coil connector. Practice it a few times in the garage to get a feel for it, because you definitely don't want to have to figure it out on the trail for the first time. A few choice cuss words may be necessary , but resist the temptation to grab the vise grips or hammer.

wow,well that explains that!! since i got my new toy electric pressure washer...

:cry: Well, I found this out from personal expereince myself. So now I'm really careful now! Been there, done it! Just trying to save others the same grief. Looks like I may have! :cry:

Thanks for the info. I was wondering myself how to get the coil off. I pulled on it for awhile but did not want to break it.

Thanks again,


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