WR426 starting procedure with auto de-comp

I just finished installing the auto de-comp exhaust cam in my 426. Can anyone tell me what the new cold starting procedure would be for this since I no longer have a de-comp lever. I used to pump the throttle 3-4 times, pull in the comp release lever and kick over slowly about 6 times, bring to TDC and kick away.

I am looking forward to not using that lever any longer...

Well if the bike is jetted properly you should be able to just pull the choke and start 1st or 2nd kick. I'm not sure about the twisting the throttle thing you mentioned. If I even think about twisting the throttle the bike won't start. Every bike is different. I rejetting using the needle from a 2003 YZ 250F on the 4th clip and that really made the bike start and run better. Just wait until the 1st time you stall the bike in a corner, just pop the clutch and it magically fires up.

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