Help me please!

OK, I pulled the baffle out of the muffler and have the seat and plastics off my bike and now am at a stand-still. From what I've heard it isn't too big a job to do the jetting on my 05' WR450 but when I started getting into accessing the carb it looked like a hell of a lot of stuff that I needed to take off and disconnect. Am I missing something? Do I need to pull the carb out or just rotate it to gain access? In either case how do I do it? I tried to rotate it but the throttle cables are in the way so I decided to try to take the throttle case cover off to remove the cables. Well, I can't get access to one of the allen bolts without removing that thing that blocks the throttle housing, etc... So I guess I'm wondering what is the minimum that I need to do to get access to the jets and fuel screw. I am thinking of bringing it to the shop to have it done but I'd really like to do this myself so I can gain a better understanding of my bike and be able to rejet it in the future. I've rebuilt the top end of my old 2-stroke and it doesn't seem like this should be any harder. Oh, and could someone please tell me exactly where the throttle screw is? Thank you for any help here.


The throttle screw is on the right side where the cables are routed into. If you pull off that cover that the cables are running into you will see it in there. As far as the carb goes, you should be able to losen the front and rear clamps on the carb and rotate the bottom up towards the left side. You will not be able to rotate it horizontal but you can get it turned enough to remove the main and pilot from the bowl area. Just remove the large hex bolt cover from the bottom of the bowl and the jets are right there. If you need to adjust the needle, you will need to remove the tank to allow access to the top of the carb. It is not that difficult to do, just take it slow and you will be fine.

Not sure if your bike has the new AIS junk that could be in the way on the right side.

If it isn't in the way then:

1. Remove the throttle cable cover

2. remove bothe throttle cables (13 or 14mm &10mm)

3. loosen the rearmost carb clamp (3mm)

4. go to left side and remove hot start plunger (13mm I think)

5. loosen the phillips screw on the air filter side of carb

6. remove fuel line

7. to be less messy-- drain the float bowl (2 or 3mm allen screw)

8. disconnect the TPS sensor connector

9. remove carb from bike--this may require som effort since the rubber boots will be cold this time of year

10. flip carb over and remove the float bowl ---you will need to knock out the plug for the fuel screw

The throttle stop screw is located where the cables go---move the slide and you will se how it works ;most people replace it with a YZ stop or cut it so you get wide open throttle.

Thanks for the help. Maybe the "thing that blocks the throttle housing" from my original post is the AIS junk. Hopefully I can get rid of that in the near future. I guess I will just take that off temporarily to be able to get to the throttle housing. Thanks again for the quick replies.


the throttle stop is NOT under the cover on the side where the throttle cables enter it is near the rear and can be accesed near the rear spring on the right side of the bike!

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