Broken kick shaft !

Yes it is the roosterj again with starter problems. Love my Wr and its killer wheelies off corners, but i shucked out the right side this time and not the left ei e-start, Took out the outer case as well. Started the bike up with the button and rode back to camp. These shafts are hollow. What happens when you raise the compression ratio? I went a head and ordered stock replacement parts from Yamaha. Is this just me? Every one that looked at the broken part today says the same thing. Cheap. I will try a replacement from Yamaha but i dont have a good feeling. Maybe i will start pull cranking this bike to save on broken starting parts.

Just use the e-start. :cry: The kick start is just for emergency when there is no hill to bump start it on and the e-start has failed. :cry: Kick start is the last resort for me! :cry:

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