Will I ever ride again???

My saga continues, I had knee reconstruction surgery on June, 20th of this year (ACL and

meniscus repair). It's been 6 weeks and still having pain and loss of range of motion. Decided to get a 2nd opinion and went to the St. Louis Ram's football orthopedic doctor. Found out 1st surgeon almost crippled me and scheduled for another surgery on August 02. I am being represented by my union attorney who has filed for medical malpractice against previous surgeon. I am told I will be a rich man but I am more interested in not walking with a limp and cane for the rest of my life. PLEASE!! Tell me that I can recover from this and ride my WR426 one day and not be scared to death to ride over 5mph. Are there decent knee braces out there that will offer me protection for my busted up knee? Also, my ride will be sitting in the garage for sometime while I mend under a cover. What all do I have to do to it to prepare it for sitting a good year or so?

Thanks for the input!



I have had 4 surgeries so far on my left knee. WHEN they cut it out to stick a metal one in, I WILL STILL RIDE!! I have heard of one guy in CA that downhill skiis and water skiis. He is in his 40's. He is on his second knee and is looking forward to getting a third. For the longest time, I felt I would never ride again...NOT TRUE!! I remember seeing a guy in the 70's that had lost his leg. He raced MX on a Rokon!

It is not all over, NOT EVEN CLOSE. There is a company in Massachusettes that, I have been told, has created an artificial bio cartilage, www.salumedica.com. A nurse at my work has a son that has been developing this stuff. She told me the FDA has approved it. I e-mailed Dr. Kevin Stone, www.stoneclinic.com, out of San Francisco about it. They asked me to send them literature on it...


I love riding my bike too much to let anything stop me. Don't let it stop you!!



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I didn't have knee replacement, however, I blew out a disc a little over a year ago and had major surgery. I had the same questions/concerns that you do. I'm happy to say that I'm back riding. Pretty hard too. Yes, you have some fear of re-injury, however, I have more fear of not riding. I love it too much and I'm willing to take the risk. God forbid I hurt my back again doing something stupid like picking up a box that is too heavy! Get in good shape, wear protective gear/bracing, and learn to ride with the fear. You'll be happy you did. :)

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You can also check ASMI (Alabama Sports medicine clinic). They take care of some of the top professional athletes in the world.

Do a search on knee here & on dirtrider.net and you will find plenty of people you ride after knee surgery - myself included. You may have a longer road to recovery due the botched 1st surgery but do the PT and you will be fine. I wear a CTI2 brace - prescribed by the ortho. Check out the Asterik brace on DRN - very good reviews. I may even buy one for my 'good' knee.

I feel your pain about having the WR sit while you recover. My bike arrived 2 days after I tore the ACL & meniscus in my left knee. My 'friends' offered to break it in for me - yeah right. It sat for 6 months in my garage before I could ride it - nothing special done to it for storage.


Don't worry,

I smashed my right leg to bits.Shattered knee cap,shattered and split Femar length ways (including knee section) as well as width ways broke all toes and metatorsuls. Takes a while to heel but am back moto-x'in now. I ride with a cti 2 knee brace with out to much problem.


I had acl and meniscus done two years ago. I am riding the same if not better as before. The best advice I can give you is wait the 5-6 months like you are suppose to do. You will be very stiff and the range of motion will not be very good. That goes away over the next couple of YEARS!! I just started to be able to squat down all the way and even kneel on it. BE PATIENT! other than that my knee is fine. Does it feel like new? no way. but what did you expect? you tore a couple of tendons!! I still do everything that I did before. I run on it at least 5 times a week at 5 miles a run.

Ride the bycyle a lot be very carefull in the fourth month, that is when your new tendon is growing and is very week so you can snap it easily or stretch it out, which will make your knee loose. Strengthin all the muscles around the knee also.

Good luck! Be patient!

Actually a TKR (total knee replacemnt) is something quite different than what you guys are discussing here. Kevin, when you say "when they cut it out to stick a metal one in" are you talking about replacing the femur, tibia, and patella (commonly known as the knee cap)? This surgery is rarly done to anyone under the age of 40.

The advancements in TKR has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple years. I know all this beacuse I work for a Orthopedic distributor. We began selling what is called a Durasul Knee which is basically your metal femur, tibial baseplate, and a poylethelyne insert that has longer wear properties than anything that has been avialable on the market before.

In the years past people were having their TKR revised every 4-5 years if they were rally active, which sucks big time because your talking about extensive rehab after each surgery. Now if your fairly young you can have a knee replacement and should be good to go.

You can checkout more info at www.wilkinsmedical.com (this is were I work) Not a great website, (because I designed it) but it might help you understand it more if your intrested.


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