The BRP has got to go..

Just buy the big overweight sister, Honda XR650L. Electric start, air cooled, no problem. ( most of the time.):cry:

my bikes:

XR 400 ------plated

XR650R. -----plated

Husky 510.---plated

The Husky blows the others away in terms of performance and value.

My 650R is the biggest money pit of any bike i have owned in 30 years.

VERY Unreliable-worst airbox ever on a dirt bike? Mine sucked silt and blew an engine. Many others have had the same thing happen.

It needs a carb, rims, suspension re-builds, bigger tank, new handlebars, new triple clamp, new lights, bigger front disc, new chain, sprockets, manifold, filters, tires, dual sport kit, stabilizer, etc. just to make it safe, ridable and still survive a summer....something like 15-20% of that bike is throw away components. By the time it is ridable--its hella-expensive. You know exactly what i am talking the real world, its a very expensive bike. KTM, Husky or even TM are all cheaper.

The XR400's are in my opinion the best all around dirt bikes ever made. They only need a carb, cam, bars, suspension mods, opened up airbox and pipe.

Just my HO.

Whats wrong with the chain? :cry: LMAO

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