Tips For Race Ready XR650R

Im purchasing a XR650R later this month a basically ride off-road through tough, technical and rocky terrain in tijuana, baja, mexico and want to now what mods can i make to the bike for the Open Class to be fast and reliable.

Im gonna race in two desert series in late september CODE and ZR Promotions.

Im 5.8 ft , 145 Lbs. and 21 years old

Currently Own a XR600R

and some tips on racing................what to bring, what to do, you now, all that stuff.

DRZ Motorsports 119

Tijuana,BC, Mexico

Some good sites to start with for the XR650R is the Pig Pen Click Here: :cry:


My site All about the XR650R Click Here: :cry:

The links go on for days on both sites.

Till you get all the maintance worked out and the suspension dialed in, get you butt, back pull the pigs ear and hold on!!!

A Hydration pack, With the basic tools, How to chain a tire and make sure you get to know how to setup your suspension. It would be cool if you could hang out at the Baja 250 next month. You could pick up on a lot from what others do.

There is a ton you can do to the XR650R!

sell it and buy a light bike with a button.

KTM's and Huskies are taking over Mexico. The 650R is now close to the end of its days. Even Honda will stop racing it later this year.

yeah brrp but for us privateers they are still on top.

best set up for dez racing is to not compromise the inherent reliability of the xr.

and put guards guards guards on there

"Even Honda will stop racing it later this year."

Ha Ha Ha yeah right! Let me guess, they are going to start racing the 450X on a 1,000 mile race in the desert?

Girlymen are taking over. Whine Whine Whine.. "I need a button"

Gut feel tells me Honda will want to 'try' and push their newest off road creation (the 450X) into the race scene and the 650r will be pushed out of the way in hopes of the 450x taking over. Getting the 450x into the public eye as an off road winner will certainly help sales and I would think this might potentially spell the end of Honda using the 650r for off road competition 'if' the 450x is overwhelmingly successful, but the story has yet to be written. I still see the 650r being used in some events by Honda and smell a crf600x somewhere on the horizon.

I remember when the crf450r came out and everyone said the 650r was on the chopping block and as good as dead because the 450r would be taking over all the off road races, etc, but I don't think Honda got the results they hoped for with the 450r and they ended up keeping the 650r as a weapon for certain higher speed events.

A friend of mine who drove in this last Dakar made mention that he heard the displacement of future bikes may be limited to 450cc in future races and if this were to happen, then the 650r couldn't be considered for that race anymore. One of these days, the 650r will go the way of the older xr600r, but that doesn't mean the 650r won't still be competitive. It's been a terrific general purpose and highly reliable bike for me (dual sport, Baja balster, a great dune bike, a great hill climber, a terrific western desert single track bike, a great fire roading bike, etc), which is why I own several of them and plan to always keep at least one just for the fun of it.

The 450x will of course be great for tighter type races, but there is no way it can compete with the brp on long open desert courses like Baja.

Honda has been racing the 450R at select desert races for several years.

Scott Summers has been working on de-tuning the 450R.

If Honda DOESNT race the 450X--especially given all the 'issues' the 250X has had....well doesnt that send one very loud message?

The only upcoming race i know of where the 650 will beat the 450X is in the 2006 Baja 1000--when they will race to La Paz on fast roads.

IN other Baja races the lighter high performance 450X will be better performing. IF it has the durability to finish.

But Gadson hit the nail on the head....the CRF600X will be coming out soon. 250X last year. 450X this year. 600X next year.

To me it makes sense that the 450X will do duty in all but the longest desert races, and the 600X will be going to La Paz in '06. At most there is a handfull of big races left for the 650...

Of course only red knows for sure....

Ohhhhhhh Man CRF600X..............Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt

Imagine the power the lightweight fream.................The Ultimate Off-Road Bike

Fearwell XR........Hello CRF...

I better weight fo that bike and purchase a nice cheap XR650R for racing....

DRZ Motorsports 119

sell it and buy a light bike with a button.

KTM's and Huskies are taking over Mexico. The 650R is now close to the end of its days. Even Honda will stop racing it later this year.

:cry: Obviously he has never ridden a real bike w/ out a button. That's funny brrpr. :cry:

either you guys know something i dont or you are dreaming!


that would be the bike to have

but only if its as reliable as an XR but lighter and faster with better suspension

naw you are dreamin!

I do see the 650R on an outward path indeed, but what the heck is the REAL story with this 600X????? I've heard nothing but hogwash about it! Is it real? Is there REALLY any valid information on its creation????? I'd like to know, because I've yet to find ANYTHING to verify that it is a project in the works, even after talking to very knowledgable friends/insiders at the corporate offices of Honda's competitors.

What could be teh XR650R and the CRF600X...Honda changed to liquid cooled 4-strokes with the 650R but in 2001 started calling all the rest CRF's...I think they should have called the 650R a CRF650R all along but it'd taken away from the edge they wanted of having a "new bike" with the CRF 250 and 450.

They both have aluminum frames, liquid cooled 4-strokes, the Current CRFs (up until the CRF***x's) were motocross competitors to make enduro competitors they have wider trans ratios for off-track riding (like the 650R) have more oil capacity for less maintaince nightmare (like 650R), heavier fly-wheels.

I'm not saying they can't improve the 650R but I think it should have been the first CRF anyway! Its all marketing...they were after the guys that ride xr600/650L's who knew Honda's dependibility and reliability. They were more likely to go out and buy another XR over a CRF that is a "New" bike.

The CRF's they could change names b/c with the phasing out of 2-strokes people were expecting change already and would except it easier instead of Honda dropping one of their more respected lines the XR's. That is why I think the XR650R is a XR and not the first of the CRF...all marketing.

besides the XR650R and CRF***X's are designed for the same purpose. Just different size bikes.

If Honda does go to the CRF600X or CRF650X its just going to be a tweaked XR650R, not alot of change... Honda is slow to change a good thing


All I can say is don't get overly excited about a 600X. If it follows the 250 and 450 and needs as much, doubly priced, maintainance as a 2-smoke, my 650R may just be the last Honda I own until they realize that not all of us have unlimited budgets......


So, they come out with a CRF600X. The First thing that will happen is it will get bored out to a 650!

my 650R may just be the last Honda I own until they realize that not all of us have unlimited budgets......



honda builds in ten year product cycles... so do the math.

i doubt the 650r is going anywhere anytime soon.

if anything you will see the xr650l get phased out and the xr650r rebranded as a dual sport bike... i.e. it will come from the factory in street legal form.

i have yet to see/hear any kind of evidence that supports the rumor that honda is working on a crf600x.

Can you buy the XR650L new in the countries where the XR650R already comes dual-sported from Honda? I wondered why it hasn't to the US yet.

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