KDX 200 to WR 450???

I am looking at making the jump from my trusty KDX 200 (not stock) to a WR 450 because I want mo' powa! I'm 6'3 and 195lbs, so I don't know if the WR 250 would be beafy enough to justify switching. I ride mostly Western single track trails in the hills / mountains and am concerned about the additional weight being more than I bargained for. I am an experienced rider, so I've no doubt I can handle the bigger bike, but I'm wondering if anyone else out there has made this upgrade (or similar jump), and if they wish they hadn't, or if the weight gain is made up for in power. Also, how does the stock suspension handle compared to the KDX? And last--does the '05 actually handle better than the '04?

Just get the 450 for out west! :cry: O5 is set up lower and the word here is they handle better than the 04. :cry:

I retired the old KDX200 after a loyal 15 years..Bought a WR400 two years ago..Now just bought a WR450 :cry: The KDX was the best woods bike I ever owned, but the WR's have proved to be easier to ride for me in the technical portions of the area's that I ride here in the west.. :cry: I weigh 230 and the WR's suspension handles brisk riding better than the KDX did. That said, I still miss the KDX :cry: Good luck with your decision.. :cry:

If you get a 450 you can put on a few more pounds! The 05 model is the best one yet in power, suspension and handling. The old Kawasaki is a good bike but the 450 will raise your fun factor on several levels.

I went to the desert last week and rode a CR250 around for a little while and then got on my '05 WR450. Even with the heavier bike, the WR was far more comfortable and it manuevers just fine on tight and open trails and I can tell you that it can climb :cry: It does need some tuning and you can review some posts to find out from the guys that know what their doing to get the right setup as I did. I love to ride but I don't much care to work on them :cry: Get the WR, you won't be disappointed :cry:

When I sold my KDX and bought a KX500 for the power rode it for 6 months was faster but when I ran into some money a got a WR450 I'm alot faster on my WR I love the 500 power but the handling of the WR450 is awsom the only time I look back is to make sure the other riders can make it.Not sure about the 05 my 04 is the best bike I ever owned the only problem I can see with the 05 is the AIS they make plugs so you can take it off but how long befor the rangers figure it out{NOT LONG}05'rs should figure a way to bypass the system with out removing the originl parts so the bike looks stock.Dont get a 4 stroke 250 your kdx probly has more power.My kdx had good power after some mods hell I was pulling 250 two strokes out of the hole.WR450 all the way!!!

The KDX isnt a real light weight two stroke so the transition wont be that big a deal

The suspension on the WR is MUCH better, and you'll really appreciate the roomier ergos. I'd shy away from the WR250, unless you're threading trees constantly at a race pace all day.

Sold my 1983 KDX 200 three years ago to buy a WR426f. These bikes are just what it takes. Wonderful power delivery, amazing suspension... you'll love it. My KDX was a great bike and I thought about the newer KDXs when I switched to the WR but I never regretted my decision.

I bought a brand new 01 KDX220 and it made a great trail bike. In fact, I think its one of the best 2 smoke trail bikes around, but the 220 was set up more for the low end trail riding while the 200 was a little higher strung. You will find the WR to be a much better trail bike, but it will feel heavier. Check out "my garage", you'll see i did sell the KDX220, and now own a WR450. I like brute power though, if you had a 220, it would be almost a toss up unless your hooked on brute power like me, but the 200? Sell it, get the WR450 and never look back! :cry:

I am debating between the crf450r and the wr450 yam. I have always liked honda but I learn that they need lots of attension. I ride Arizona single track enduro trails and a few river bottoms. What should I buy? Thanks, David. Scottsdale AZ.

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