2006 YZ450 Or 2006 CRF450????

So, what should I get when the time comes??? I've rode Honda's since I was 7, then bought my first YZ426 in '01, and have had it ever since.... But now, i'm thinking of going Red again... Can any of you encourage me to stay blue??? Any info would be great...

GO BACK RED!!!!!! :cry: You will be happy you did.

YZF450 are great to but the CRF handles and socks up everything you throw it way like a dream. Yamaha's are alittle more harsh.

GO WITH HONDA!! :cry::cry::cry:

If it was me what I would do....is wait till the '06's come out first.

Yes, wait for sure. My experience is that the Honda's are a little shorter, more manueverable, a little slower, but more rider friendly. Yammy's are taller, stiffer, faster. This is based on the 04's, have no idea about 05 and 06's. I love my yammy and I know Honda's are equally as good, if not better. Just depends on your riding skill I would say, and how you plan to use the bike. Harescrambles, motocorss, desert....Good Luck!!

Yamaha better put that aluminum fram on the 06 450. With an aluminum frame the weight saving might steer you to the yz.

DPW is right....how can you answer this question until the 2006 bikes come out? Hey DPW.....should i get the 2008 KXf or the YZF? Tell me now! :cry:











LMAO :cry:

I have a 05 Yz 450. I have had it for about 3 months. I love it. Then I rode my buddies 05 CR 450 and I wanted to trade. I liked the way the bike felt. I was faster on the outdoor track we were rideing that day. The Yz are no joke. They are great bikes. It's kind of what you want for what is best for you. The Yz seems to have less engine maintance in the long run according to everybody I know. :cry:

There is not doubt that the YZ engine is bullit proof, I have had three of them and have not done a single thing to any of them. I currently have an 01, and I race in the +40 expert class and finish usually within the top 5. It still works awesoem for more, hence the reason I still have it. I'm just not convinced that the 02, 03, 04, or 05 offer me enought to but another new bike. I riddin the 02, 03 ,and 04 several times, and that has not convinced me yet. The 05' I have riiden in the area at the local dealer, not on a track, it was ok, bit that was not a real test.

I have ridden the Honda's also, the thing I liked most, it felt light, and it turned well. My vision would be to have my 01 motor, (power now, and cam mod only) in a 05 frame of a Honda.

The dealers will now what Yamah is doing in June at the yearly Vegas show in June, I will be making a decision then, I guess. If Yamaha eludes the almuminum frame on the 06, I'm going back to Honda.

The grass is always greener

Don't forget that the aluminum frame in and of itself on the YZF is not gonna make a huge difference. Yamaha must really do an engine redesign (or at least alter) so the oil is out of the frame. The biggest complaint riders have about the YZF is the "top heavy" feel. Lowering the center of gravity is going to take much more than an aluminum frame.

It is way to early to be asking that question! Hell there isn't info about any of the 2006 models! Patience, ride what you have now and rethink this when you have something to base the decision on. :cry:

2006...i'm waiting til til 2007 comes out...

it is 2005...what is all this talk about 2006 models...

post whore.

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