Magnets grenaded on 01 WR!!!

:cry: Has anyone had this happen to them? The magnets simply cracked and fell apart, and now there's magnet material all over the motor... :cry:

no that sucks man. better not happen to mine

Yeah, it does suck, but not for me...Bike belongs to a friend. I went orange AND pre-mix a few weeks ago... :cry:

Wow, makes for extra north and south poles when they break like that. Did someone wrap on them with a hammer? This will bust them up quick as $shit! :cry:

What's up Josh! I see you are back in Israel. You there for good or just visiting?


No, no one got angry with them, they just broke up and went north and south.

Hey Rich! No, i've been back for almost 3 years, but nothing is for good (except death of course...)...How are you? Still at Mickeyland?

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