WR450 (03) vs YZ250 (05)

Lets throw a few of my thoughts on the YZ vs WR into an incoherant post.

YZ thoughts

Power - very snappy mid range and really revs out. This thing hauls serious arse, easily runs with a 450 4-stroke, Bottom end is also surprisingly good for slow technical riding. Bitch to wheelie though, I almost flipped it in the first 100m of riding it, you know, one of those balance point, feet in the air stories.

Suspension - great for big whoops and jumps but very harsh on rocks and choppy terrain.

Handling - awesome, rails corners and yet does not headshake in the rough, high speed stuff. So light and flickable, especially when one is used to the big 4-strokes.

Fuel consumption - surprisingly good, although I have not ridden it hard on the gas for extended periods. Mixing 2 stroke is a pain, already added petrol once with no oil (fortunately it was only 3L in a 8L tank)

Brakes - best I've had, can stand it on the front wheel entering corners, yet front wheel tracks true with no hint of washout.

Others - miss having a side stand and light, for those late afternoon rides where you come home in the dark. Love the smell of the 2stroke (Castrol A747).


Power - so controllable, yet strong. So easy to wheelie. Very good on fuel for those long exploration rides (10L tank standard + I have 14L tank as option)

Suspension - reasonably plush, but not in the league of a CRF250X. Bottoms easy, so dont try and get clever on any big jumps or drop offs.

Handling - very stable, slides front and back quite controllably, but you have to muscle it. Its weight definitely affects the dynamics, blunting its responses.

Brakes - average, again a lot of weight to be overcome.

Other- owned the bike for a year and a half now, very reliable, all the bells and whistles like lights, side stand, odometer, electric start.

I love them both. Would be a very difficult decision which to sell. Of course, the YZ is an 05 vs WR being a 03. Therefore, the novelty factor is still high on the former.

ya i'm torn between the 06 yzf 450(if it gets the alminum frame) or a leftover 05 yz 250 (with the L.A. SLEEVE 330 kit,and heavy flywheel) for a new ride next winter??? i ride tight eastern woods,with an occasional HS. my wr has been lightened to the point that there is nothing left to lighten(except for a renton spring,and i'm working on that!) as it stands its 248 wet w/o gas. now thats not to bad but its very top heavy. my buddies wr250 weighs 2 lbs more in the same state and feels 15 lbs lighter. i entertained the thought of a 250f but way too much money to get anywhere near the power of my 450(over 3K) and reliability then becomes a issue(strokers tend to blow from what i'm hearing) one of the issues i would have with the yz 250 being a 2 stroke they tend to die sometimes at idle, and i will be running a rekluse clutch. i really don't want to be going down hills and have it die because with this clutch you cannot bump start. does anyone have a rekluse on a yz 250 that can share the experience?? :cry:

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