Anyone have any experience with this carb on their bike??? I was going to get an edelbrock but since they still havnt released one for the 650L im thinking of going with this one. :cry:

Once you get the FCR properly tuned, it should make a fine choice :cry:

Edelbrock is missing the boat on the 650L carbs. It was my understanding that the 650L carb has been done for a good while. I don't know what the deal is in terms of why they're not available? Maybe it's internal politics, or poor planning, or logistics, or supplier issues, etc?

Have your tried the Baja Designs mods to your stock carb that I've read about here?

Yea I contacted denise barnum and she said they started producing them for the 650L back in june but still havnt released them. :cry::cry:

My bike has the K&N stage 1 jet kit on right now other than that im not sure what else the previous owners did to the carb. I dont know if they drilled the slide or anything like that because I havnt taken the carb apart yet. I still wanna get a pumper carb though. :cry:

You may also want to try the TT store to see if they sell an FCR kit. Get the best price you can find anywhere and then contact the TT store and they'll beat that price. Hopefully someone here has a FCR on their 650L and can give you some quick start jetting info. It's a great carb no doubt, but tuning it takes a bit of time unless you're quite familiar with it. On the flip side, if you buy from a place that's very familiar with how it needs to be setup and can help you get it propetly tuned if you do need changes, then that's got to be worth something.

I have an FCR41 from Pro-Flow on my XR650L. They sell the same kit as Sudco (even comes in a Sudco box) for about $50 less than Sudco.

That being said, the carb comes jetted wrong (mine wouldn't even start) and the Motion Pro cables they give you don't fit right. I ended up using the stock throttle cables and rejetted as follows for sea level, uncorked and desmogged with a WB full exhaust system:

Main jet..............#170


Needle clip...........5th position from top

Float level...........9mm

Slow air screw........1.0 turns out (equiv #100 jet)

Main air jet.........#200

Pilot jet.............#48

Idle mixture screw....2 turns out

Thanx guys I will use the info you gave me michaeln as a staring point and if its too lean I'll go with bigger jets. Im not sure what elevation im at but im sure its higher than sea level. :cry:

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