What knee pad to buy????

I'm thinking of buying some knee/shin guards and I'd like to get some feedback on what to buy. Do the combo knee/shin guards go into your boot? If so, aren't they a bit uncomfortable? Should I just look for knee guards only? I'd really like something that is light and very comfortable. Thanks! :)

I have the Thor models, about $15, comfortable, light and fit in the boot.

Both my sons wear them also. The youngest torture tested his this week at BMX. The knee cap portion cracked but, he finished the moto and was riding the next day. A new pair will be bought Saturday. If hadn't had them on, I'm sure it would have been his knee cap that cracked.



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I like the fox, Pivot knee pad $39

I use the Moose XCR? They are great!!! full protection for the knee and the shin. Best of all the shin guard has a small "lip"(tucks in your boot) on it that keeps them from sliding down your leg. I think I paid around 49.95 from D.K.(Dennis Kirk)

Good luck,



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I have the Thor pads. 10 bucks and they work pretty well.


Hello Boschk I have the MOOSE XCR pads and they work great, the only problem I have had with any Knee/Shin Pad is they way they feel in a sitting position. They always seem to bind behind my knee. I just saw the new FOX Pivot pads, the Knee Pivots at the Shin and when I tried them on at CYCLE GEAR they felt very comfortable, only thing is they are $40 I would go down to your local shop and try on all the brands and get the ones that feel that best. Good Luck

Fox Pivot. My wife is sewing up the knee section of my pants from my last great decision. I know my knee slid over some large (3"-4") rocks & gravel & the plastic shell and foam padding soaked it up beatifully.

MSR makes a good set.

I have the Fox Pivots... great pad, but first reasonable off and the right one cracked quite nicely.. better than my knee cap cracking though right! :)

Moose has a real nice set that give you a little inner knee protection also.

Consider knee braces if it is in you budget. They are Alot cheaper than knee sugery.

My friend, my girlfriend and I all have thor and all have cracks. I am going to look into the moose knee pads.

Can someone please give me a website that would sell this Moose stuff online?

Thanking you.

Fox Pivot. I haven't owned any other but by the looks of it I got the right ones. Very comfortable.

I use Axo knee/shin guards and find them very protective and comfortable.


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