How many miles on your L

Anybody put enough miles on your 650L to have to rebuild it? Just curious how many to expect. I'm hoping the number would be 25-30,000 but don't really know anybody who's ridden that many to find out. Hope to hear from you iron riders out there. Thanks.

I am not even close to that, but I do have 6500 hard miles on it.

Mine only has about 6k on it right now. As long as you change the oil regularly and keep the valves adjusted to spec it should easily go 30-40k without a top end job. But from what I hear you may have to replace the clutch plates before that though.

I asked that question in here awhile back, and received several 25,000+ mile answers .. all claimed very frequent oil changes

I have over 34,000 miles on mine with the original top end. Compression is still good, no visible oil burning (although it does consume some between oil changes). My cam chain is starting to make noise, I have the parts on order to change it. I have changed oil & filter every 1500-2000 miles and checked the valve clearances at the same interval.

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