2002 yz426 suspension ????

i recently purchased a 2002 yz426 and setting it up for mx. i weight 240lbs with gear and would like to know some settings for the stock suspension. i plan on upgrading the springs front and rear. what weight springs should i use? how much fork oil and what weight? what is a good starting point to set the clickers at, reb and comp, front and rear. thanks for any help.

Hey Screws,

Theres a couple of things to consider when looking at your suspension. Race Tech has a pretty good web site that will give you info on your stock suspension vs. setting it up for your weight and riding preference. http://www.racetech.com

If you are looking at riding motocross, and I estimated an average weight w/o gear to be 225lbs, the stock fork springs are .46 kg, and they recommend .475 kg, and since they recommend rounding, that would put you at the .48 kg springs. On the rear spring, the stock spring is 5.4 kg, and they recommend 5.62 kg.

If you looking to save your money and play with what you have first, theres a couple of things you can do. You can use a heavier WT. fork oil on the front. I would suggest using a 10wt. I personally weigh 195lbs without gear, and use Motorex 7.5wt fork oil. The recommended oil height is 5.12 in. or 130mm if you have the tool from the top. I actually measure about 4.5 in. from the top, to compensate for heavier weight. I zeroed the clickers (Put them in the middle 10 clicks) and started from there. As it is right now, I have adjusted the compression on the front forks to 8 clicks in from fully out, and on the rebound, I am still at 10 clicks. Granted it is something you will have to play with to get to your own liking. But if you wanna play with what you have already to see if you might like it, just increase the oil wt. and increase the oil height to compensate for your weight....

I gave up on setting mine right, I'm taking it to Pro-Action as soon as I get the motor back together.

thanks, i'll give that i shot. i did increase the oil in the front, but it made it too harsh for my liking, so i will try heavier springs, and then lastly revalve them.

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