Hi rise header for a 99 WR 400

Being the proud new owner of a 99 WR 400, it has come to my attention that changing the oil filter is a real pain. Where can I buy a hi rise header that will be out of the way of the oil filter. Thanks for your help.

You can pick up a used one or a new OEM that was for the 426. They changed the design to allow filter access. Or, you can do what I did, wreck the hell out of that SOB and put a nice natural bend in it. I just recently decided to change oil and didn't noticed that on my last outing I bent the bitch. It wasn't until I removed the oil filter w/o messing with the header that I noticed the crease.

FMF Powerbomb is routed higher as well and is supposed to increase performance. I just installed one on my YZF400 and have not put any trail time on it yet to determine if there has been a change in the bikes character. It's really not that hard to take the header bolts loose and the rear exhaust gasket clamp in order to gain access to the filter cover. Also the stock oil filter is a screen type, so (changing) the filter is not necessary, just reverse rinsing with brake/carb cleaner and re-installing.

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