swingarm nut size?

Anybody happen to know the size of the nut on the swingarm bolt? :cry: I need to pick up a socket to fit it on my way home..


If it's the Xr650R it is a 27mm. Fits the rear axle too.

If it's the Xr650R it is a 27mm. Fits the rear axle too.

D'oh! :cry: don't you hate guys that ask dumb questions without even telling what model bike they have.. :cry:

yes it's an '00 650R. Thanks for the info.

btw, I'm hoping to grease the swingarm bearings by removing the pivot bolt only and not fooling w/ that swingarm fitting on the right side that requires the special tool. Is this doable?

(the above w/ regards once again to my '00 XR650R. :cry: )

It's do-able. I've done it with my bike. Hopefully nothing is going astray in there, I don't know about.. :cry:

I thought you had to have that special tool with the slots???

I was planning to take mine to the Honda shop this week and get it greased, I would much rather do it myself. I've seen the post on the PigPen about how to make a tool.

You can take it out without messing with it? I assume you are talking about removing the left side nut without removing the right side.




I just greased my entire rear suspension on an '05 xr650r. Made the tool as per the Pig Pens instructions (took about ten minutes, use a 16 point 1 1/16" socket. You dont need to make the smaller one really, as its only 5 ft.#) Actually I take that back, I forgot, I was able to use an old Suntour bicycle freewheel tool with two castles, you will need something. No need to measure anything with a 16 point, just leave 4 points at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 0'clock positions. I did not need to hold the center adjuster while tightening the outer locknut, it didn't want to move.

You will not be able to grease the swingarm needle bearings by just removing the swingarm bolt. You will need a 19mm open end wrench for the lowest swingarm pivot, a socket can't get to it.

Most notable observation, it didn't need to be greased as no more could fit in any of the needle bearings. There is very limited room for grease in needle bearings anyway. They may have read Erics site and are doing a better job at the factory with the grease. I wouldn't have bothered had I known. It was however, very interesting.

Did the front, and rear wheel bearings as well. I didn't know they were sealed bearing cartridges. The seals on the cartridges are easily pried up from the inside with a utility knife blade, and you can get a little more grease in there. You can then really pack the area between the bearing and the outer main seal. Be careful not to break off the tip of the utility knife inside the bearing, I think I got it out. If not, that little piece of hardened steel rolling around in there is not going to do it any good.

Next stop, the headset bearings, then the front fork oil.

As an interesting sidenote (totally off topic), I would mention the choke cover plate on the '05 is now all steel parts. Some sites mention pulling the plastic parts and spring, seems this is no longer necessary.


The earlier models were metal as well. Thats what came loose and locked up the engines. I just removed the spring loaded plate and put the screws back in with a touch of loctite. I have an Edelbrock now, so no choke.

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