400/426/450 shock & fork springs interchangable?

I have some RaceTech shock and fork springs I'd like to sell from my 2000 426. Will the springs fit anything besides my 426?

dont want to false advertise......


What are the Fork and Shock spring specs?

The rear is 5.0kg and I the fronts are .43. Its definately for a lighter rider (150#ish), very unlike me.

They should fit YZs from '01-'02. The fork springs might fit an '03, and the shock spring may go later than that. If you post the free length, diameter, and wire size of both, I'll check them against my OEM stuff, but you can probably write Race Tech and find out how far they will cross fit.

Thanks for the offer, but I just matched up the spring part #'s to RaceTech's site.

According to RT site the following bikes all allow for the same fork & shock springs:

96-03 YZ250, 98-03 YZF450 and 01-03 YZF250

In case anyone is curious.......

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