Zipty Fuel Screw (Which One?)

I was going to order my fuel screw for my 05 WR450 from Zipty Racing and realized that there are two types. Which one do I need? Do we have the first edition carb. That is what I am assuming according to the web site but wanted to make sure. Does someone have the part number? I am at work away from my bike and want to get this on order today. Can someone help. Thanks.

Never mind. This site read my mind and put a little advertisement right in front of my eyes for the fuel screw. YeeHoo and I save money ordering it from here. :cry:

You need the FMS01 for the 2nd Edition Carb :cry:

You need the FMS01 for the 2nd Edition Carb :cry:

And get the JD jet kit while your in there!

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