sprocket help

Can anyone help thinking about changing rear sprocket to help my gap between 2nd and 3rd gear on my 01 wr426. I was thinking about buying a 51 thooth rear . Any sugestions thanks.

Waste of money to go from a 50 to a 51. Your final drive ratio would go from 3.57:1 up to 3.64:1. One tooth less in the front would drop you to 3.84. I'd do the front for course tuning and the rear fir fine tuning. I cant image ever doing just on tooth in the rear, but maybe you need just a little bit :cry:

14/52 is the sweet spot, you can still use the 114 link stock chain.. :cry:

Thanks for the info. Think i will try the 14/52.

Thanks for the info. Think i will try the 14/52.

Good choice and if you want to pull some stumps, pop in a 13 tooth up front for a 4.0:1 :cry:

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