how much to street legal a wr450??

I LIVE IN NEVADA AND I WANT TO BUY A WR450 AND STEET LEGAL IT. HAS ANYONE DONE THIS AND WHAt year did they start electric starters?????

electric start came in 03

has anyone done the baja designs kit? Or know the cheapest way to street legal it?

In other recent posts here, guys seemed to favor products for quality and value. I just ordered mine. Give Dale a call.

Outside of the DS kit, you may have other DOT issues..... :cry:

As to total cost, I believe NV requirements are much easier to satisfy than CA, where it's become almost impossible. :cry:

Not too hard to do yourself on the e-start bikes.

I don't know what's required in Nevada but it's really easy to put together your own kit for the WR450. For around $100 you can easily have a HI/LO beam headlight, horn, brakelight, mirror, and license plate bracket. Just buy a couple of K&S switches and it's pretty simple.

Whatever you do don't use Baha Designs, it'll take them months to send you the kit and the plarts are cheaply made. I used K&S signals and switches and did it in two weeks for less than $200 including tires. :cry:

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