Air Tank for Forks

I'm toying with the idea of putting an air tank on my forks. Anyone out there have one of those? I've heard good things about the one made by Too Tech Racing

Any comments would be appreciated - thanks,


NCMountainman swears by the TooTech sub tank on his WR450. Hopefully he can post his opinion. I think you still need to revalve to fix the mid valve issue on the WR forks. :cry:

ya you won't regret the $200 for those,it almost alleviated all the problems associated with the 46mm forks. my new forks will be here fri., i found a set of brand new works forks from 03 that were never on a bike,and jay from "get real" racing up in joisey is settin'em up so that in his words they will be "smooth as glass" so between that and the tank it ought to be great. man i just hope it don't make me too fast :cry::cry:

I have the too tech tank and like it a lot. It works very well and is the best money I spent on my fork. Having said that, there is a guy on TT making a set-up that I think is better. The too tech mounting system is not all that great.

Try searching "Shawn MC" I believe his system is better an also costs a bit less.

all the other systems including that one are below the caps,and that results in oil building up in tanks and they need to be drained. they are also seperate tanks where the tootech is one. thereby balancing the pressure between the two forks. this not only smooths the action but many times while bleeding off the air i noticed one fork or the other would have alot more pressure than the other,that can't do the handling any justice. the valving on the too tech is one way also, its free on the return as to not affect rebound. all in all worth what they cost. :cry:

Thanks guys for all the detailed input. :cry:

Sounds like a worthwhile upgrade. Now I just have to figure out if I can cram a trail tech computer in the same general area..............

no problem. it'll just look like a dakkar bike!! :cry: no it should fit. they end up even with the clamps. and you can mount them either in front or behind the bars.

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