handguards for '02 YZ426

I ride mostly desert/trail & am looking to put some handguards on this bike. The only other bike I have with guards is my KTM 640 Adventure --- whole different animal.

Acerbis? Something else? Just curious what people are using.

I've got the Cycra handguards with their triple clamp mounts.

I love them and they are very tough

Acerbis Rally Pros with the aluminum bar is the only choice in my mind. They are industructable, no question. :cry:

I am using Cycra too, but they are not the triple clamp mount style. I sure wish they were though. My seem to rotate on the handlebar a little when I fall. When this happens it is easy enough to just rotate them back. They have saved my levers so many times that they paid for themselves.

I've got Moose bark-busters on both my DRZ and YZ. They do the job!

I have a set of acerbis guards that are probably 8 years old on my 2000 Yz426. They are the rally brush model. They have been on 2 bikes now and are bullet proof. The best part about these guards is they absorb most of the impact when you go down. I trail ride and have come down hard on them more then enough times and all they do is move up or down slightly. I weigh 200 lbs. and I'm still riding on my stock handlebars. I've only broke one clutch lever since installing them. They aren't the coolest looking but they are better then any guards that have metal because they can't perminately be bent. Let me know what you end up going with.

Fastway builds the best handguards! It takes longer to cut a hole in the end of your grip than it does to mount the whole package. If you only want one set of guards to run on a couple of bikes...these are the only way to go.

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